International scientific journal

ISSN: 2663-0419 (electronic version)

ISSN: 2218-8754 (print version)

International scientific journal

ISSN: 2663-0419 (electronic version)

ISSN: 2218-8754 (print version)

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Methodological improvement for determining the oil saturation of reservoirs using electrical logging

Karimova K.A. 

Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Azerbaijan 20, Azadlig ave.,Baku, AZ 1010



Evaluation of the productivity of collectors-layers is one of the important problems that remain actual at all times. While evaluating the productivity of collectors-layers, a number of geophysical production methods are used, one of which is lateral logging sounding and lateral logging. As it is known, changes occurring in the layer are studied based on the interpretation of lateral logging sounding. Referring to the changes occurring in the formation, we mean the occurrence of the permeability zone and the value of the resistivity in this zone (ρ as well as the determination of the diameter (D) of the permeability zone. Having found out the presence or absence of a permeability zone against layers-collectors over the study area based on the combined use of lateral logging sounding and lateral logging methods, true resistivity of the layers that are the zone of invasion, resistivity and diameter of the zone of penetration were determined. As a result, the productivity of these reservoirs was predicted. At the same time, 2D and 3D models of distribution of values of true resistivity are the invasion zone, resistivity values and diameter of the invasion zone on the well sections of Kapaz and Chirag structures were plotted. The sedimentary series of the Fasila and Upper Kirmaki sandy suites were chosen as an object of study on sections of wells drilled in the Chirag and Kapaz structures of the South Caspian basin.


Keywords: collector-layer, lateral logging sounding, lateral logging, resistivity of the permeability zone, diameter of the permeability zone, true resistivity of the layers, gradient probe




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DOI: 10.33677/ggianas20230100094