International scientific journal

ISSN: 2663-0419 (electronic version)

ISSN: 2218-8754 (print version)

International scientific journal

ISSN: 2663-0419 (electronic version)

ISSN: 2218-8754 (print version)

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№ 2, 2022

A brief overview of the prospects of the Tulallar gold deposit and potential mineralization zones on its nearest flanks

Guliyev E.E.1, Isayev E.N.2


1 AzerGold CJSC Baku City, Mikail Mushfig str., 2H

2 ZDA Mining, Islamic Republic of Iran Maaden Building, Mellat Str., Azadi Ave, Tabriz City, Iran



Since 2017, AzerGold CJSC has begun a wide study of the Tulallar gold deposit. In order to extract minerals at the field, magnetic and electrical exploration work, well drilling, testing, mapping and other geological studies were carried out. Statistical and geostatistical parameters were calculated using software that meets the requirements of the international mining industry (“Microsoft Office”, “ArcGIS”, “Gemcom/Surpac”, “Geovia's Whittle 4X” and “Leapfrog" software). To determine the contours of ore formation, materials of outcrops, adits and boreholes drilled on various horizons were used, and the mineral and geochemical properties of gold-bearing rocks were clarified. Due to geological studies, it was possible to test the possibility of expanding the boundaries of the ore body and assess potential areas of the deposit. The boundaries of the distribution of gold ore deposits in depth and along the flanks, as well as their rich, medium and relatively cascade intervals within these limits, have been determined. It was shown that gold content of the deposit is associated with gold-quartz formations, the ore and non-ore minerals in their content have been studied and the gold content in various ore minerals has been clarified. In determining the boundaries of oxide and transit (transition or mixed) sulfide ores, international mining standards were applied, which are effective in processing gold-bearing ores and using refuse heaps. As a result of geological and metallurgical studies, it was found that the field area meets modern standards and international criteria.

The South Caucasus, Tulallar, precious metals, gold-quartz formation, mining standards




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