№ 2, 2017

Modelling of water inflows isolation during development of zonal heterogenous oil layers

B.A.Suleymanov, Kh.A.Feyzullayev

Research and design Institute “Neftegaz”, State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic, AZ1012, Baku, Zardabi av., 88A, E-mail: Baghir.Syleymanov@sokar.az

Taking into account the depth of penetration of isolating agents, extent of isolation (a factor of residual resistance) and capillary phenomena, mathematical method of isolation of water inflow in homogenous and zonal heterogenous horizontal layer in the filtration process of fluids of two-phase three-component. The model allows to choose both the best moment of the impact on the deposit and the necessary extent of isolation. It is shown that extent of isolation of water inflow significantly influences the efficiency of process and at any development stage of the field regulation of the extent of isolation it is possible to achieve essential increase in the oil recovery coefficient (ORC). It has been revealed that during the implementation process at low water content (right after water breakthrough) while the effect of isolation is significantly high k1>k2 (a difference of ORC values by basic option and option with isolation), it is always higher than k1>k2 and the final ORC is always high otherwise (k1 and k2 – permeability of the first and second zone of the layer, respectively)