№ 1, 2018

Physical nature of dispersed liquid hydrocarbons and their role in the exploitation of gas-condensate reservoirs

Fataliyev V.M., Salimova S.A., Maharramova S.D.

Institute of Oil and Gaz, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Amirov F. Str., 9, Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ1000:  fatavm@bp.com

Summary. As a result of the analysis of thermodynamic experiments as well as oil field data on production wells of Azerbaijan and Russia, three formation sources of the dispersed liquid hydrocarbons (DLH) in the reservoir condition were detected in the pressure range above the retrograde condensation. Those are: presence of heavy hydrocarbons that could not be transferred into the gas phase even at high pressures; liquid phase formed as a result of condensation at pressure above the retrograde condensation; and liquid phase dropped from the system due to early condensation because of surface forces. Two types of possible positions of DLH in reservoir conditions were determined. The liquid in the formation is closely linked to the surface of the rocks. This was caused by sufficiently high surface bonds as a result of adsorption of liquid molecule to the grain surface. The high content of heavy components contributes to the weakening the surface forces, that causes the liquid phase to be in a mobile state in the formation conditions. It has been noted that the factors above are important to take into account during projecting the rational methods of the exploitation of gas-condensate reservoirs.

Keywords: liquid phase, retrograde condensation, gas condensate fields, phase transformation, gas condensate system



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doi: 10.33677/ggianas20180100003