№ 1, 2018

Corrosion problems in multiphase charge and transportation pipe lines

Ismayilov G.G.,¹ Iskandarov E.Kh.,² Ismayilova F.B.²

1 – Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University, Azadlig Ave., Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ1148

2 – Research Institute of  Technological Problems of Oil, Gas and Chemistry, Baku, Azadlig Ave., Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ1148:  e.iskenderov62@mail.ru

Summary. Analysis of the inter-field multiphase pipeline operation shows that the destruction has an erosional feature, with corrosion rate reaching 20 mm/year. The dynamic influence of multiphase flows on the pipeline corrosion-erosion destruction rate for the oil and gas charge and transportation was not studied. The paper investigates the reasons of corrosion-erosion processes in the multiphase oilfield pipeline system on the Azerbaijan deposits, as a case study. It was found out that the pipeline corrosion-erosion rate is mainly defined by the friction forces with the measure to be determined not much by a number of mechanical particles, but by the size. The paper suggests specific possible options for reducing the corrosion rate and utilization of the separated mechanical impurities and water in oilfield environment. In particular, as an effective innovative method, it was proposed the way to prevent from corrosion based on removing large particles in multiphase flow prior to the intake of well products into the reservoir.

Keywords: pipe line, multiphase flows, charge and transport system, corrosion-erosion rate, fractional composition, hydrodynamic regulation, oilfield environment



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