№ 1, 2018

Problems of corrosion in multi-phase pipelines of gathering and transport

G.G.Ismayilov¹, E.Kh.Iskandarov², F.B.Ismayilova²

1 – Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry, Baku, Az1010, Azadlig av.

2 – Scientific-Research Institute «Geotechnological probems of oil, gas and chemistry», AZ1010, Azerbaijan, Baku, Azadlig av., 20

The article analyzes the causes of corrosion and erosion processes in multiphase pipeline systems for oil collection and transportation using examples of field technological pipelines of Azerbaijan fields. The optimal values ​​of the pumping distance were calculated for different values ​​of the initial pressure and diameter, taking into account changes in the viscosity of the heterogeneous well products and the relief of the pipeline route of the collection system. It was investigated the influence of the fractional composition of the mechanical impurities contained in oil on the erosion-corrosion processes in the infield pipelines, taking into account the hydrodynamics of the multiphase flows. Specific options are proposed for reducing the rate of corrosion and utilization of separated mechanical impurities and water under field conditions.