№ 2, 2018

Plate tectonics of Kur depression within Meso-Tethys geodynamic evolution

Rustamov M.I.

Geology and Geophysics Institute, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, H.Javid Ave., 119, Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ1143: muxtar.rustamov@mail.ru

Summary. The geodynamic evolution of Kur depression and adjacent areas within the geological history of Caucasian northern branch of Meso-Tethys is ever-first studied from the viewpoint of lithosphere plates tectonics. Block structure of depression defined in slab unbundling of Meso-Tethys is represented by plate tectonics zones formed in Cimmerian and Early Alpine tectogenesis stages. Depending on Meso-Tethys plate tectonics by origin, age and consolidation level, they are mesocratic-basite and mature leicocratic-continental substrata. Within depression, area with melonocratic-basite substrata is more movable and permeable zone which, in turn, inherits plate-tectonics of residual troughs of Paleo-Tethys and back-arc troughs of Meso-Tethys and restricted by Hercynides and Kimmerides of mature crust. Area with melanocratic substrata is the main paradigm at the final tonalite intrusive magmatism and pyritic metallogenic Kimmerides at early oceanic stage of Meso-Tethys development under geodynamic conditions of extension and the consequent compression in Early and Late Cimmerian tectogenesis. A number of geology issues of Caucasus with geodynamic trends in formation of hydrocarbon molasse troughs, eastern boundary of Kur mega-depression, spreading kinematics in deep basins are researched. Lithosphere plate tectonics is updated by a new idea – regional geodynamic trend.

Keywords: geodynamics, paleotectonics, Meso-tethys, plate tectonics, magmatism, spreading, deep basin, oceanic crust, suture, collision, ophiolitic mélange, microcontinent



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