№ 2, 2018

Mantle gold-bearing content and classification of Meso-Cenozoic gold ore formations of Lesser Caucasus (Azerbaijan)

Ismail-Zadeh A.J.,¹ Musayev Sh.D.,² Veliyev Z.A.¹

1 – Geology and Geophysics Institute, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Javid Ave., 119, Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ1143: arifismail@mail.ru

2 – “AzerGold” CJSC,  M.Mushfig Str., 2H, Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ1004

Summary. Gold-bearing ore deposits of the Lesser Caucasus are confined to Meso-Cenozoic subsequently-differentiated volcano-plutonic formations with gabbro-diorite-granodiorite-granite facies which are of crustal-mantle subduction formations of island-arc continental margins. Genetic types of gold-bearing ore deposits are confined to three structural-formational zones: Lok-Garabagh, Geycha-Akera and Ordubad forming during  Newkimmerian (J3-K1), Austrian (К1-K2) and Pyrenean (Р2-Р3) phases of tectonic-magmatic activizations corresponding to the geodynamic regimes of multi-event manifestation of mantle diapirism stipulating occurrence of the back-arc extension (spreading). Their formation starts with the basite alongside with the acid facies of island-arc complexes following the formation of single copper pyrite – polymetalline ore-magmatic system with gold-bearing ore mineralization. Polingenic melting of initial granitoid magmatic melt causes the last stage formation of differentiation for rhyolite-dacite differences, with fluids to be interlinked by hydrothermal gold mineralization. Its further interaction with gold extracted from mantle-serpentinized rocks of ultrabasic complex of oceanic crust. The processes of multiple melting and gold redirection from rocks into the fluid causes concentration and formation of gold-bearing ore accumulations.

Keywords: back arc spreading, geodynamics, classification, genetic types of gold ore formations



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