№ 1, 2018

Material composition and technological peculiarities of copper-zink ores of Lesser Caucasus Artapa deposit


Scientific-Research Institute of Mineral Resources of the National Geological Exploration Survey, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan, AZ1117, Baku, Natavan str., 16

For the first time, the material composition (chemical and mineralogical) and technological features of the pyrite copper-zinc mineral raw material, discovered as early as 1910 by the German firm “Br. Siemens” but not completely contoured,were assessed in detail.

The investigations were carried out based on the 2 laboratory-technological samples of ores and their mixture (1: 1), taken from the adit No. 2, passed by mentioned company. One of the samples characterized the adit section with enriched ore minerals (Zn, Cu, Fe), and the other – poor ore-bearing rocks located at the junction with this site.

Gold- and silver-bearing natures of ores from both sites were revealed. On the sample of the ore mixture, quantitative forms of the presence of the main ore minerals in it, the degree of their oxidation and the size of the precipitation are determined. Mineralogical studies have presented that a significant part of the chalcopyrite of the tested mineral material is characterized by small – emulsion impregnations in the sphalerite.The latter is represented by 2 varieties – iron-containing marmatite and clayophane. Taking into account the material composition and the revealed technological features, a flotation scheme for enrichment was developed and experimentally carried out for the processing of the tested mineral material, which provides sufficiently high recovery indices of the conditioned zinc concentrate with industrially significant contents of gold, silver and cadmium in it. In general, the obtained research results indicate the possibility of expanding the field’s reserves due to its poor ore-bearing rocks.