№ 1, 2018

Material composition and technological peculiarities of copper-zinc ores of Artapa deposition in Lesser Caucasus

Ahmadov A.Z.

Research Institute of Mineral Commodities of National Geological Survey, Natavan Str. 16, Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ1117: alikahmedov@mail.ru

Summary. The material composition and technological features of the pyrite copper-zinc mineral commodities discovered in 1910 by the German company “Br. Siemens” were first-ever assessed in detail. The investigations were carried out based on the two technological lab samples of ores and their mixture (with ratio 1:1) taken from the tunnel No. 2. One of the samples characterizes the site enriched with ore minerals (Zn, Cu, Fe), and the other one characterizes the poor ore-bearing rocks located nearby. Gold- and silver-bearing natures of ores from both sites were revealed. Forms of the main ore minerals’ presence, degree of their oxidation and the size of the precipitation are determined. Taking into account the material composition and the revealed technological features, a flotation enrichment scheme was developed and experimentally carried out with an aim to process the tested mineral commodities, which provides sufficiently high recovery indices of the conditioned zinc concentrate with industrially significant contents of gold, silver and cadmium.

Keywords: Lesser Caucasus, pyrites, copper-zinc, material composition, refining technology, enrichment, flotation



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doi: 10.33677/ggianas20180100001