№ 2, 2018

Contemporary structure and active tectonics of southern slope of the Greater Caucasus within Azerbaijan (interfluves of Mazymchai and Pirsaat rivers) Part II: Active tectonics

Kangarli T.N.¹, Aliyev F.A.¹, Aliyev A.M.², Kazimova S.E.³, Safarov R.T.¹, Vahabov U.G.¹

1 – Geology and Geophysics Institute of ANAS, H. Javid Ave., 119, Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ1143: tkangarli@gmail.com

2 – Geophysical Expedition of National Geological Survey, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, Natavan Str., 16, Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ1117

3 – Republican Centre of Seismological Survey, ANAS, N. Rafibeyli Str., 25, Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ1001

Summary. This part of the paper ends dedication to the research of the deep structure and geodinamic activity of the southern slope of the Greater Caucasus within Azerbaijan. It studies active tectonics of the region from the viewpoint of the mechanism of undergoing (pseudo-subduction) within convergency zone of the south and north microplates. We have analysed and interpreted the seismogeological data, as well as GPS monitoring results about contemporary geodynamic activity determining correlations with deep structure peculiarities. Analysis and correlation of historical and recent seismic events (until 2017) show that the earthquake focuses are mainly confined to the intersection nodes of differently striking rupture dislocations, or to the planes of deep tectonic failures and lateral displacements along the unstable contacts of material complexes with different competence. Earthquake focal mechanisms inform about predominantly near-vertical shifts along normal fault planes and normal faults with strike-slip components, but in general earthquake focuses are confined to the intersection nodes of main- and anti-Caucasus rupture dislocations.

Keywords: Greater Caucasus, Alpine cover, Pre-Jurassic basement, active fault, recent geodynamics, earthquake focal mechanism, stress state, disjunctive knot



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