№ 1, 2019

3D geophysical model of near surface structure of the Dashgil mud volcano

Salamov A.M., Mukhtarov A.Sh., Mammadov V.A.

Geology and Geophysics Institute, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences 119, H.Cavid ave., Baku, AZ1143: avazsalamov@mail.ru

Summary. The article discusses the results of geophysical studies (electrical, geothermal and gravimetric) conducted in the crater area of some mud volcanoes. Despite the shallow depth (up to 200 m) of electrical exploration, in combination with other methods, they provide a convincing in-sight into the structure of the studied area (the crater zone of the Dashgil mud volcano). A joint analysis of these results suggests the existence of subvertical zones in the cross-section with physical properties differing from the ones of the rocks characterizing the environment. Roots (an area where erupting fluids are accumulated) and channels of mud volcanoes are defined as decompressed objects. Fluids that carry heat from the deeper areas to the surface constantly leak through these channels. Therefore, the channels of mud volcanoes relative to the surrounding rocks are distinguished by high temperatures and temperature gradients. On the surface, thermal anomalies are noted only with the activation of volcano or its eruption. The three-dimensional model built based VES (Vertical Electrical Sounding) results allows visually assuming this assumption. According to the VES data, a supposed lithographic-geophysical section was plotted allowing distinguishing the layers of breccia of each eruption case.

Keywords: mud volcano, structure, сrater, throat, geophysical investigations, Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES), model, temperature, gradient, heat flow



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