№ 2, 2018

Landscape evaluation of Khyzy district area by vulnerability level (southeastern part of the Greater Caucasus)

Imrani Z.T., Yusifova S.N.

Institute of Geography after acad. H.A.Aliyev, ANAS, Javid H. Ave., 115, Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ 1143: zaur­_imraniat@mail.ru

Summary. The vertical and horizontal zoning, as well as the landscape vulnerability level in the area (Khyzy district as a case study) were assessed by landscape planning measures, also applying the inclination and exposition researches of the slopes. Besides, square of altitude zones within the research area was calculated. Based on the number of settlement points, the population density for the area was considered per 1 km². Considering the significance criteria and sensitivity of nature components, five levels of landscape vulnerability were identified, such as stable, relatively stable, relatively unstable, unstable, and critically unstable. As a result of calculations, it was defined that the coastal areas of the Caspian Sea are relatively unstable areas. The settlement of Yashma, the villages of Garabulag, Dizavar, Agdere and other settlements were also identified as relatively unstable. Part of Altyagaj National Park and the Alabashly mountainous ridge were stable and relatively stable, respectively. In the study, the directions of nature management and sustainable development of the area were also determined, with the proposal of the most important scientific and practical conclusions.

Keyword: Khyzy district, landscapes, planning and population, Altyagaj National Park



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