№ 1, 2018

Changing trends in hydrometeorological regime of Caspian Sea Baku archipelago on climate change effect

Mammadov R.M., Allahverdiyev Z.S.

Institute of Geography after acad. H.A. Aliyev, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Javid Ave., 115, Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ1143: zabit.allahverdiyev@mail.ru

Summary. The paper attempts to study the hydro-meteorological conditions of Baku archipelago auqatorium during 1991-2012 years between island and cape. From the economical viewpoint, the aquatorium has a very important position. Oil and gas transported in the sea through pipeline are transferred to the final destination. In this regard, the study of the hydro-meteorological conditions of the aquatorium in the climate change period during 1991-2012 has scientific and practical importance. For the paper’s aim, hydro-meteorological conditions of the aquatorium, air temperature and surface water, precipitation regime, currents, winds and waves were studied on the basis of observations from four hydrometeorological stations operating in Baku archipelago. Researches revealed that during this period, in the aquatorium there was an increase in average long-term indicators of precipitation, air temperature and surface water and a decrease in average annual wind speed. Southward currents prevailed on the surface, middle and lower layers, and their speeds were 2.8 m/s, 5.2 m/s and 5.7 m/s, respectively. In aquatorium, northward, southeward and south-westward waves were predominant: 92.7% of the waves had 0.1-3.0 m height and 0,04% of waves had 3.1-5.0 m height range.

Keywords: aquatorium, archipelago, surface water, precipitations, wind, wave



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